a film by SHIAR ABDI

in cinemas:

Berlin, "Eiszeit" - starting 24.5.
Frankfurt, "Mal Seh'n" - 25.5. - 30.5.
Hannover, "Kino im Künstlerhaus" 25.5. - 29.5.
Cologne, "Filmforum" - 27.5. Premiere at Kurdische Filmtage
Cologne, "Filmpalette" - starting 31.5.
Nuremberg, "Filmhaus" - 17.5. Premiere at Kurdische Kulturtage
Nuremberg, "Filmhaus" - starting 24.5.
Regensburg, "Wintergarten" - starting 24.5. at Kurdische Filmtage
Saarbrücken, "Filmhaus" - 31.5. - 6.6.

1980. Xelilo, a disturbed man, lives in an abandoned store and walks endlessly through the streets of Nusaybin, a Kurdish village in the south east of Turkey.

He is curiously being noticed by Cengo, a 12-year old boy, living more or less happily under poor conditions with his friends and family, selling chewing gum for a living.

Cautiously they become friends. Cengo leads him to the meeting point of the children under the German bridge, where they live through carefree moments.

When the Turkish military takes power, a curfew is imposed on the city. The life of Xelilo and the other Kurds is endangered. Who are the winners and losers in this conflict?